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WiresharkPortable 0.99.8 [Beta testers required]

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WiresharkPortable 0.99.8 [Beta testers required]

Wireshark is the world's foremost network protocol analyzer, and is the de facto (and often de jure) standard across many industries and educational institutions.
A beta version of WiresharkPortable 0.99.8 is available in the Wireshark download area.
WiresharkPortable is being automatically built by the buildbot, so there are a number of versions there - just pick the latest. (I will post here when I make any changes to the WiresharkPortable packaging.)
I will update the package in response to any criticisms/suggestions made here, with the aim of getting WiresharkPortable to a suitable standard so it can be hosted on, preferably before the end of March 2008.
The packaging still installs/uninstalls WinPcap driver package on the machine, though a configuration option can prevent it from doing so.
If it is useful to look at the source code for WiresharkPortable, it is here. There is also a simple wiki page.
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But I heard and saw that John's working with the Wireshark team to create a portable version, too.

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I was just about to say the

I was just about to say the same thing, but then reread the OP and saw that the links go directly to the wireshark official site and it's subpages. I'm assuming this is the official release.

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Patrick Patience
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I just saw that, too. Smile

Cool then.

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Its a shame they have to

Its a shame they have to install winpcap for it to run. I know that someone had a different way of doing it an put out a ethereal version for windows that didn't require winpcap. When they figure out how to do this then I will consider it a portable app. Till then its still only semi-portable. One problem I see is people cant use this on some systems because of being on limited user accounts without rights to install programs.

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doudt it

I seriously doubt that will ever happen since you need low-level access to grab/sniff network packets and that means installing a driver.

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