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Portable Alien Arena 2007 6.10 Game [ Testers Needed ]

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Portable Alien Arena 2007 6.10 Game [ Testers Needed ]

Alien Arena 2007 is a multiplayer online (you can also play single player) FPS deathmatch game based on the GPL id source code. Powered by version 6.10 of the CRX engine, this game features incredibly smooth and fast game play with next-generation engine features such as shaders, real-time lighting and shadows, lensflares, light bloom and reflective water. The game over thirty maps, nine weapons (with alt-fire modes), eleven player characters, mutaters, six game play modes, and an in-game server browser. With modes like Team Core Assault, Cattle Prod, Duel, Deathball, Capture the Flag, and All Out Assault, Alien Arena has an endless replayability factor. Version 6.10 includes a number of new maps, new weapon, and major engine enhancements.

This is the second portable game I done. I made a portable WarSow but found that someone already made one here, so I didn't post my one.
Need Testers!

Freeware game found here:

Source Code found here:


Alien Arena 2007 Portable here:
241 MB Unpacked... I know it's big. Split into 3 archives. Uploaded with which created mirrors to,,,, and


can also be found here