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USBTex as PortableApp?!

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USBTex as PortableApp?!

USBTeX is a version of LaTeX for USB. Can this become an official PortableApp? Link is here:

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Updates expected soon

As has been reported elsewhere in these forums, additional applications and new versions of the Menu are expected shortly; they have been held up for external reasons. One of the new capabilities expected of the updated Menu (and currently available in several Menu Mods like R31) is the ability to add links to other portable apps that don't fit the paf model (executable is an .exe file, directly below the main application directory, with this directory immediately below PortableApps). At this point, I'm using the R31 mod for exactly that reason. I understand your request, but you may be well served by waiting for the updated Menu and simply using the USBTex as delivered.

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