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Switching to "FireFox" form Portable Firefox

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Switching to "FireFox" form Portable Firefox


I originally put portable Firefox on my work computer because I didn't have admin access; however I now do and want to install Firefox(the non portable vers) is it possible to seamlessly have my settings(bookmarks, history, passwords) move to the new Firefox. Or what files do I need to copy over. I would also prefer not to have my addons switch over.


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install the regular Firefox

and run it once to let it create the settings.
The copy the files over from your Portable version:

from /FirefoxPortable/Data/profile to C:\Documents and Settings\[user]\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\default.???\

bookmarks.html has your bookmarks
cert8.db and key3.db have your passwords
history.dat has your history

There are pages on the web that tell you what every file does in case you want to copy other files too.

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