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Lower resolution version menu 480pixel tall?

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Lower resolution version menu 480pixel tall?

I am using my EEE PC a lot these days, config is as follow;

4GB SSD (XP Pro installed and stripped down to suit my usage)
2GB RAM (800MB used as RAM disk)

as you may or may not know, the disk space on the machine is small, and with the past 2 months usage, I found that I don't actually need MS office and all the space wasting software, so I turn back on my portableapps USB drive. I copied all files to the SDHC card and it works a treat (most of it....) except that the default resolution of the suit is outside the 480 pixel EEE PC's nature..... wondering if there can be a version which is either a comes with resolution X * 480.... or a version we may change the resolution....

This might actually be very useful since a lot of Low Cost PC is coming out and they all share similar resolution, so the new menu may become handy!!

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it's not supported at the moment. For now i'd suggest you could try which is resizable:

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Here, here

Hi trex,
A lot of members wished to rezize their PAM. At this moment, you need to use a Mod. Theres no other way. But it isn't difficult. Try to install geek-menu or Mod R31.
We tried to make themes for any resolution. Have a look:
Tiny Novel Theme
Compact Theme
And this problem don't seems your own. I guess there are more than 30 themes around designed for lower resolutions.
you are not alone!

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