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"An error has occurred while trying to start the selected program"

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"An error has occurred while trying to start the selected program"

I am at a Fed EX store using a 25 cents a minute computer. I put in the U3 and all the programs work here except Mozilla Thunderbird and Mozilla Firefox browser. Nothing happens except this message comes up in a window with a big red circle and a white "X" and the top of the window says, "U3 Launch Pad." The message is: ""An error has occurred while trying to start the selected program" I uninstalled and re-downloaded the programs, but get the same message. Other email programs work like: "Reach-a-Mail" (a U3 program), but I want Thunderbird!

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a while ago.
That's why the Firefox version you're using is either outdated or a unofficial hack distributed in violation of our Trademarks.
However I posted a Howto here on how to get all your data from your U3-Firefox to the PortableApps version.
PortableApps has a Menu similar to the U3 menu. You can use the new Firefox with U3 but its recommended that you use the Menu for the Applications you can get from here. The 2 Menus can coexist so there is no need to dump U3.

The same applies for Thunderbird and the procedure to get your data over to the new version is similar.

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It would be interesting

Simeon mentions installing the PortableApps Menu and then installing the PortableApp version of Thunderbird. (It's even more up to date.) If there is room on the drive, the two platforms coexist without interfering with each other, and the install goes pretty quickly.

It would be interesting to learn if the regular TBP worked even if the U3 version didn't.


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