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I have downloaded the installer and tried to add an add-on on three different computers running three different versions of XP Pro and no matter what I do the add-ons I install wont work. They show up in the add-on window with no green (functioning) icon. Is this just happening to me??

Tim Clark
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Please provide more information.

I am using FFP2.0.0.11
I am trying to install AddOn XYZ.
This is how I do the install.
This is what happens.

What is "the installer" you are referring to?
Are you referring to the FFP installer or the installer for XYZ AddOn (Again, what is the AddOn in question?)


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Firefox Portable & local extensions

I have a problem with some programs on local computers adding local extensions to Firefox portable. When I open Firefox Portable on a different computer, it searches for the missing extension and disallows any changes to the extensions (adding, disabling, uninstalling). Can someone please write an extension that blocks local extensions without explicit user permission?

Specifically, I notice this with CA Internet Security Suite Plus 2008 and with Google Screen Saver.

- Kevin

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both DenKain and haunted1 are using extensions in a portable firefox to control non portable software, so when you run those extensions in a computer that doesn't have that software installed those extensions fails...

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undesired extensions

I did not intend for the computer's applications to add the extensions to my portable Firefox. I am looking for a way to prevent this from happening again.

RealPlayer is another example of an application on a local computer that will attach itself to Firefox Portable, unless the user configures it not to connect to web browsers.

I want a way to make Firefox Portable block unwanted extensions and add-ons from being added.

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Interesting suggestion. Have

Interesting suggestion.

Have you looked at the Firefox add-ons sites to see what might be available?

It's ultimately a feature of FF itself; if FF allows various programs or web sites to hijack it, there might not be a lot FFP can do. If there is a plug-in that can block it, maybe the FFP can do something similar.

Maybe we can make a list of all the installed programs that try to add themselves to FFP. It does make sense to ponder the best way to keep them from doing it.


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