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Portable SEO SEM software please

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Portable SEO SEM software please

Great work John,

In the last year this is probably the most useful software I have found.
I have almost completely got rid of the need to install ANYTHING apart from windows on my PC... Hurrah!

The remaining Piece of software I have on my PC are:

Coreldraw graphics suite X3. Inkscape & The Gimp are a good replacement but I still like this software - but at more than 500€ I should do. (OK Corel gave me my copy free of charge, but normally it's quite expensive)

Xara X1 - Inkscape again is a good replacement but this has some nice features,i.e. a very easy bevel tool.

WEBCEO - Very important for my work - I have tried to make "Good Keywords" portable but had no luck.

This is my request - ANY SEO/SEM software

On sourceforge I found these apps:

1 - "RankQuest Free SEO Tools"
2 - "SEO Tools"
3 - "SEO Standard Rank Tool"
4 - "osSeo"

I don't know if any of these could be made portable, but it would be very cool it possible.

I don't think this will mean I delete WEBCEO from my hardrive but it will mean I can work anywhere.



I have found a firefox plugin that gives me some of what I want - "SEO for firefox"