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1.1 beta 4

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1.1 beta 4

i have the 1.1 beta 4. the wallpaper changer does not work properly, the background just displays a grey(whichever is my default desktop colour).

also i cannot find the portableapps menu.ini file in order to change the values so the window stays open when you click off it and etc.

the auorun doesnt seem to be working for me. i plug the drive in and absolutely nothing happens apart from the drive flickers for a second, and the safely remove hardware button appears but the menu doesnt show and nor does the wallpaper until i manually go into the folder and run startportableapps menu.exe.

not sure if this should be posted here but would it be possible to rearange the icons on the menu either by drag and drop or by right clicking and selecting move up/down.

im not an expert so i dont know if any of these are because of my omputer settings or not.

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yeah this should be posted in the Portableapps Platform Forum found here

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Do you have the wallpaper in the right place (Documents\Pictures) and with the right name (portableapps_wallpaper.bmp)?

The ini file is in /PortableApps/PortableAppsMenu/Data

The autorun is disabled on more and more systems due to security reasons. It could be used to install malware so some companies/universities/libraries disable it. Means you have to open it "manually".

Moving the icons might be possible in a later release.

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yes its in the right place

yes its in the right place and with the right name, it obviously recognises the file as the bacround changes from my set wallpaper and in the display settings>desktop menu my wallpaper is changed to portableapps_wallpaper however just a grey background is displayed both there in the preview and on my actual wallpaper.lso only works at all on my home systemnot 3 others ive tried

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Stupid Question

What is the file type. Is it a true .bmp ?
What are it's dimensions ?


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I apologize, I did not mean

I apologize, I did not mean to post in this section.

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The problem is that you

The problem is that you posted in the General beta area, instead of in the area dedicated to issues about the menu. And you posted another message at the end of a long topic about the menu, instead of making a new topic in the Menu support area,


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