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I noticed no links under the image viewers and would like to make a suggestion for a link to a free image viewer application that is already portable. You should drop those guys a line and see if they mind you linking to their page.

The application is very well written and can do limited image manipulation. Far better than Irfanview in my opinion. (No, I don't work for xnview, just glad to see such a beautiful peice of work made available to all).

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it work

It is already portable:

Download the complete version ZIP package
Just make sure "Use registry to save options" is unchecked ( it will use an .ini instead.)

hundred of portable applications:

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It works without any launcher?

Does it work directly without any launcher? or could someone post a launcher (with NSIS source if possible)?
Thanks to the developpers community!

John T. Haller
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Plannin on it...

I was planning on getting XNView and the like listed. I just ran out of energy and needed sleep after staying up all night ensuring everything was hunky dory. Watch the app directory in the next week.

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FastStone Image Viewer

I personally use FastStone Image Viewer. Good enough for my liking.

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