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re-downloading Gmail

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re-downloading Gmail

I had a corrupted PTB database. I restored all but my inbox (I tried copying the inbox to the local folders directory but was blank). Now I want to try and download emails from gmail between certain dates. How do I do this? is it a Gmail functionality? or PTB?

PS What's the best way of backing up your profile?

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If you told Thunderbird to delete the emails in your GMail account after a certain time then you're out of luck.
If you didn't do that then you can simply delete the popstate.dat in /ThunderbirdPortable/Data/profile/Mail/ and Thunderbird will download all your mails again.
I don't think you can specify a exact period. But you can download all and then delete all mails that aren't in that period. Smile

The best way of backing it up?

copy it some place safe Smile

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Doesn't the PAM backup

Doesn't the PAM backup module make backups of PTB if it is there?


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but everything, not profiles only...

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