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Ignore certain programs?

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Ignore certain programs?


Is it possible to ignore certain executeables? (For example uninstall.exe in some directories, and xampp webserver has about 5 exes, when I only want one of them.)

Anyways, is it possible not to delete, but hide them?

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search first as this has been asked and answered many times before.
Short answer: its not possible with the current version, maybe with the next version or with a mod.

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Not Yet, XAMPP, Delete

Howdy h2ooooooo. It isn't possible in the current release, but will be in the next major release.

With XAMPP, you can use the XAMPP launcher which will allow you to have a single icon in the menu:

You can delete some EXEs like uninstall.exe as they aren't needed (some apps will need their multiple EXEs, though). The current beta menu will ignore uninstall.exe files:

One helpful suggestion: in the future, it's best to search first as many questions have been asked and answered previously. You'll probably get your answer faster.

Oh, and welcome to Smile

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Thanks, and I really did try to search first, I promise! I just couldn't find anything matchine my problems, but thanks for the information. Any idea when the new PA release will come along? (I'm on the newest beta right now.)

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