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Running Multiple Instances of Open Office

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Running Multiple Instances of Open Office

Due to low workstation hard disk space I am trying to determine a way of having access to Open Office. When i found the portable version I was excited, at first. I have however found that you can only run a single instance of Open Office from a remote machine over a network. Does anyone know of a way around this issue. I am trying to run several instances on seperate machines from the same location on the network?

I would appreciate any information that you can provide.


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You might be able to

Don't use Portable, since it isn't meant to do this. But try installing standard onto a network shared drive. Then run it from multiple locations. In theory, this should work as it is set to store the settings in the USERPROFILE hierarchy of whatever machine is running it. It should create this on each machine and only lock it on a per-machine basis.

Write back if this works as I'll post a complete description of it for others.

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quentinblack (not verified)
Thank you

It worked perfectly fine thanks for the info.

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