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Screeny - Screen Capture - Testers wanted

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Screeny - Screen Capture - Testers wanted

Hi all,

I developed this screen capture application and would like your feedback on it.

Screeny is a simple screen capture application.

Its goal is to capture screenshots of your desktop or windows quickly.

Features include
* Supports .jpg and .png file formats
* Upload screenshot to the internet to share with others (e.g. you find a bug in another application and want to send a screenshot to the developers quickly)
* Capture a window or the whole desktop
* Adjust the compression or quality of the saved screenshots
* Create screenshots quickly
* Crop screenshot quickly
* Quickly pixelate/hide areas of the screenshot you want to keep private
* Completely portable application, no install required
* Timed capture available (e.g. capture after 8 seconds)
* Hotkey Ctrl + PrntScrn

Usage Hints
* To save a screenshot quickly:
1. Run Screeny
2. Press Enter 3 times
* To crop:
o Left-click-drag an area in the preview
* To pixelate an area:
o right-click-drag an area in the preview

Download here :
More info here:

thanks for your time,

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it looks cool ill have to check it out Smile

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Don't see a sourcecode link to indicate it's Open Source.

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no its not

no, its not open source.. i didn't realize it had to be. Its a FREE (no catch) portable application available to everyone, that needs some testing, i though thats what this forum was for... if I've violated the terms then i apologize and the post should rightly be removed

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Not Quite Yet

Hey RoteBetaSoftware. We're not quite ready for freeware yet. But, if you'd like, drop a note to the developers address on the contact page and I can ping you with details when we are.

And welcome to Smile

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