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Portable Songbird

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Portable Songbird

Before I go into any details, I would just like to say that yes, I know there have been several other posts about this particular program. But I am posting again because I would like to point out that Songbird is still in development and it is unlikely that a portable version can be made if there is no official release of the application yet. So for anyone who would like to request Songbird as a PortableApp, be patient and wait for them to work out the bugs.

FYI: Songbird works fine when installed on a portable device. I have it installed on my external hard drive and it runs perfectly. My music is also located on the external hard drive.

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0.4 has a lot of bugs for me compared to previous versions. Or maybe it's just Vista. Songbird will be a sweet addition when and if it does come though.

P.S. Just FYI it's probably best to place your songbird folder in FirefoxPortable\App\ and rename songbird.exe to firefox.exe and just use the firefox launcher, then your settings will probably be portable, too. I'd think. Of course that's an additional install of Firefox Portable.

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Ok But...

There is a development test here now for 1.0 and it is just that. THere has never been an official release yet. see here What reason do you have for suggesting this. I can see your poing but how can this work. You would not have firefox with all its features.

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Come On

You're again replying to a topic over a year old. PLEASE CHECK YOUR DATES!

I'm getting tired of deleting comments from people responding to zombie threads with no new info.

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If the final release of

If the final release of Songbird includes additional features for the browser, you could use Songbird in place of Firefox, thanks to the built-in browser.

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There is a portable version from the Songbird staff.

It's here, at this link.
I don't know if it works yet, I'm dl'ing it now.

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That's not from the songbird

That's not from the songbird staff, its from somebody in their forums, who, coincidentally is in our forums too. It was made by thibeaz

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Well, okay then.

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i belong there too...

but there i go under the name "longbow" (a different user name for each voice inside my head) Biggrin

i too have tested it on a portable hard drive and it works no problems
songbird .4 is still a bit buggy and while some of it could probably be blamed on vista it has bugs in XP too, as well as suse linux 10.3

while it would be a great edition to the portable apps here i think it best to wait for .5 which promises to be less buggy and have more capabilities

we should also talk to Rob Lord, the CEO of songbird about a new name for it.

i am also working on a theme for songbird right now
but as John always says "it's done when it's done"
if it ever becomes a portable app, i'd be gald to help make a portableapps theme for it


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I would prefer the app in a

I would prefer the app in a .paf file format, that's all. I installed in on my flash drive and it runs fine, but I like the .paf file because then it doesn't create any associations with my computer.

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