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%windir% on pstart?

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Anonymous (not verified)
%windir% on pstart?

Is there any way I can reference windir in pstart? I have a lot of apps added, such as notepad, etc) but some computers use c:\winnt and some use c:\windows. (I would like to keep the icons)

Rob Loach
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What exactly are you trying to do? If you want to use the icons located in the windows directory, you can just copy them straight to your device.

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achille (not verified)

I am trying to 'link' windows apps such as Notepad by using pStart.
In some computers notepad.exe can be found at:

but on other computers, notepad can be found at

the common way to reference it as %windir%. Thus if you clicked start - run %windir%\notepad.exe you'd get notepad. At that particular time, 3AM when I posted the message, I was unable to do this,
I tried:
* Typing in %windir% -> It converted it to c:\winnt
* Modifying the xml file manually -> Did not work
* Adding a .lnk file that used %windir% -> pstart does not "follow" shortcuts
* Creating .bat files -> Loose icons

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$WINDIR is available in NSIS.
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If you're not totally

If you're not totally adverse to batch files, you can just extract the icons from the windows files and assign them to the batch files through PStart. Now i'm a little confused...(sorry, been up 20 hours...don't ask :P), do you just not want two shortcuts in PStart? Or is the shortcut (through PStart) not sticking?

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pstart and %Systemvariables%

I mailed the developer and he said hr liked the idea and this will be implemented in the next version.

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