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"Trash" disappeared; how to get back?

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"Trash" disappeared; how to get back?


In one of my accounts the trash folder was getting slow. I don't know what happened after that, other than, it disappeared as a folder below the account name. I tried to create it anew, but it said it already exists and won't let me create it. In addition, I cannot delete email because the folder doesn't seem to exist. How can I fix this? version



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As far as I know, Firefox doesn't have neither trash nor email. Do you mean Thunderbird? Smile

Assuming you mean Thunderbird, in /ThunderbirdPortable/Data/profile/Mail/youremailfolder/ there should be 2 files called "Trash" and "Trash.msf". Those are the files that contain your deleted emails. What happens if you delete the 2 files and restart Thunderbird? AFAIK it should recreate them.

Hope that helps.

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