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Maxima Portable

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Maxima Portable

Maxima is a computer algebra system that is distributed under the GNU Public License.

I know that I can put small programs in \PortableApps and they will appear in the PAM, but Maxima (or wxMaxima in this case) runs from \PortableApps\Maxima\wxMaxima. Is there a way for me to make PAM think that wxMaxima is actually in the Maxima folder rather than \Maxima\wxMaxima? I guess I need a *.exe file, but I don't know how to do that. Maybe a way to write a *.bat file and convert it to a *.exe? Dunno.

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That's kinda like john's structure.

He puts a launcher written in NSIS for it. The launcher handles the registry, and displays the splash. Under /other/data, the source for his launcher is there. You can change it to what you want, then compile it with makensisw.

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Maxima Portable

There is now a testing version of this available:

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