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Incomplete Restore From PAM Backup

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Incomplete Restore From PAM Backup

I recently migrated my portable apps to a new USB flash drive, and it couldn't have been easier. I did a complete backup of my old flash drive with PAM Backup (not Toucan), installed the Base Edition on my new flash drive, and used PAM Backup to restore the backup. Done.

Everything went well, except that three of my portable apps were not restored. It was no problem to extract them manually from the backup archive, but I'm wondering why PAM Backup didn't restore them. The three apps are: ThunderbirdPortable, XMPlay and WordWeb. (The latter is a neat dictionary program that I obtained directly from the publisher.) The entire contents of my flash drive are 254MB, so I don't think it's a disk space issue. Why weren't these apps restored?

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I experienced a very similar result, though mine caused a bit more frustration. Using PAM backup, i created a backup of my flash drive, later on i lost it and bought the same model. I installed PAM Base and used restore, just to find that many apps were missing. Almost all-non PA apps were not restored (the apps i got from portablefreeware like jkdefrag, ccleaner, etc). This was frustrating as i had to manually find and reinstall about 10 apps that were lost. This experience has slighty shaken my trust in PAM backup and restore, what is the best, and reliable, backup option--that will restore ALL my files and apps?

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restore problem

mine does the same too. when i back it up 7z cmd back it all up, but when i restore it using portableapps backup it only does five of the apps and leaves the rest of the .exe's i don't know why it does it. and when i try to extract it using winrar. it comes up saying that some files are corrupt and it only extracts the ones the the restore program does.

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