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Virtual Desktop/Machine

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King Tut
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Virtual Desktop/Machine

I'm looking for a (free/open source) application that can be made portable that creates like a virtual desktop. What I'm kind of thinking is like switching user on a Windows machine, but I can't just do that because I'll be using on computers other than my own. I don't care if it requires admin rights, (and I imagine a program like this will probably need that)...
So feature-wise I'm thinking something like this:
-Runs and opens full screen, or in a maximised window, and can be minimized.
-Preferably can apply a theme/wallpaper, and I would also like it to create shortcut icons on the 'virtual' desktop.
-It would run the os (Windows 2000, XP and Vista are the only OSs that I encounter) that is installed on the computer, so I'm not suggesting a Linux virtual machine or anything like that.

I'm not sure if there are any free applications that can do this, let alone programs that can be made portable. But like I said I don't care if it needs admin rights, I'll have those on any computers that I'll be using this on.

Thanks heaps if anyone can find a app like this.

-King Tut

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Virtual desktops and virtual machines are two different things. Do you want multiple "desktops" to run apps on their own screen? Or do you want to run applications in their own virtual machine where they're "sandboxed" and run in their own space, etc.

There are portable virtual desktops apps posted here already so making a suggestion for that wouldn't be hard. A portable virtual machine that doesn't require an admin account is one of the current "Holy Grails" of this website and still can't be done but it being worked on. (You don't care about admin or not, but most people do).

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Some commercial apps

One commercial app that comes to mind is Mojopac. It has a free (no money) version.

It does require admin rights to set up.

I think it would be excellent if the open source community could come up with that sort of thing ... not necessarily to compete with Mojopac or Ceedo, but to have a virtual environment that could be firewalled from the rest of a public PC for security, and customized to individual needs.


King Tut
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Ok, basically I want an app

Ok, basically I want an app that makes it look like I'm logged in on my own user account, different theme, wallpaper, icons, etc, the icons will link to portable apps on my flash drive. But it would run in a window or minimize-able full screen sort of thing.

Actually, MojoPac looks good. I'll have a fiddle around with that and let you guys know if that's the thing I'm looking for. Smile

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