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Portable firefox bug - jumpy

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Portable firefox bug - jumpy


Love the product, thanks for the work on it. Just installed it and am looking forward to avoiding using IE now at school. When I ran it from my laptop though there was a periodic bug that would occur. Some pages periodically would be jumpy, as in when it loads the initial google home page the whole page would be jumping up and down about 3 mm in either direction. It comes and goes but happens on every 10th page. Sometimes a refresh gets rid of it, sometimes not. Doesn't seem to be related to the specific page, did it a couple of times too.
Also, it would be helpful to have on the extensions page of PortableApps which dll's you need to copy over to the portable app's directory to install the top 10 extensions. i.e. addblock, weatherfox, tab browsing preference.

Again, thanks a lot for the work


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I haven't seen or been able to reproducte the jumpiness you see on any of my test OSes. What operating system are you using? As for extensions, just install them as usual. There are no DLLs to copy.

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I've read somewhere that there is a bug in Firefox 1.5 that can make multimedia jump around a little. They're already working to fix it, so don't worry about it.

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Yes, i have the same

Yes, i have the same problem.

I have a snow fall hack (java script) on my site. Flakes are falling down, but at the buttom it seems they won't stop. So vertical scrollbar came up.

That makes Fx jumpy. Scrolblar on - off, on - off, ...

So it shakes a litte bit around.

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I vaguely remember something

I vaguely remember something about the bookmark toolbar causing the screen to jump if there we no entries in it. Maybe go to View/Toolbars & untick Bookmarks Toolbar is worth a try ?

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