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I've got a bug with my portable Firefox, it runs and lunches but if I open any web page it never loads, I see the status bar flicker then go blank. This only happens when I install version
I think there is an add-on it don't like because when I run in safe-mode it runs fine.
When I re-installed version it ran fine again.

My Add-Ons are:
*Adblock Plus (
*DownloadHelper (2.6.1)
*FaviconizeTab (
*FireFly (0.3.3)
*Firefox Google Bookmarks (0.3)
*Flashblock (1.5.5)
*Fullerscreen (2.3.3)
*Gmail Space (0.5.92)
*Google Toolbar (3.0.20070525W)
*IE Tab (
*MinimizeToTray (
*NoScript (1.3.2)
*Page Title Eraser (0.6.3)
*PDF Download (
*ProfilePassword (0.3.2)
*QuickProxy (2006.10.09)
*Tab Mix Plus (0.3.6)
*Update Notifier (
*WOT (20071203)

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disable one by one

and see when you get it back to work.

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