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PUB files, what program do I use to open them?

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PUB files, what program do I use to open them?

I have saved PUB files from a seminar i went to, and am ondering how can I open these in portable. I'm guessing these are microsoft publisher files.

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They are microsoft publisher

They are microsoft publisher files, which, unforutnately only publisher can open. You may be able to use the shell integrated print feature of PDF Creator or an online conversion service like Zamzar to convert it to PDF and then read it. As for editing, I don't know of any way you can do this. Maybe one of the online converters could convert it to .doc or .ppt, then you can open and edit it from there.

Edit: Zamzar supports .pub files, so you can upload the .pub and convert it to something else.

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