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Suggestions for Toucan 2.0

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Suggestions for Toucan 2.0

Currently I'm using Toucan 1.2, and have found it an exceptionally useful portable software for my thumb-drive since its first release. And of course, I'm really grateful that AES encryption is added in this version.

However, I would like to know more about the AES encryption in this version of Toucan. What method is it using to encrypt files? Cipher-block chaining, CBC? Cipher feedback, CF? Other than that, is it a 128-bit, 192-bit or 256-bit AES encryption algorithm?

Anyway, these are some suggestions for the future versions of Toucan.

  1. Ability to encrypt folders (without encrypting the files in it), making these folders inaccessible.
  2. Adopt more encryption algorithms.
  3. Having a GUI manager to list/record/show previously encrypted files (with its encryption method and, the time and date when it was encrypted). This does save me a lot of time whenever I wish to decrypt those previously encrypted files.
  4. Using stronger encryption algorithms. Let's just say that this version uses 128-bit AES, then why not use 256-bit AES instead in the future versions?
  5. Modify the Browse menu (on the left under the Secure tab). Sometimes I find it rather confusing while using it, why not ask other users about this too?
  6. Renaming Rijndael to AES. Well, it doesn't really matter that much, since they're both the same thing. But I think AES sounds way cooler and more universal.
  7. Making Toucan more customizable. Let's just ask other users about it.

These are just some of my suggestions. Hopefully you do consider those suggestions I mentioned above. And of course, I'd love to continue contributing more of my ideas soon. Smile

Thank you.

Steve Lamerton
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for all of the suggestions, here are some answers:

  1. This is somewhat difficult, however in 2.0 you will be able to backup a file with no compression and a password, and then use the scripting stuff to delete the existing folder, I'm currently looking into better solutions.
  2. Unfortunately in the short term this isn't going to happen. The reason is that support for the Blowfish algorithm will be dropped (decrypt only) due to a number of issues. However I have changed the way in which encryption is handled in 2.0 so you should see some more in 2.1, are there any you would particularly like to see?
  3. An interesting idea, I guess you mean just a file of files that have been previously encrypted, would a filter be better in the browser so you could easily pick them out?
  4. It is 256bit (see It should be secure enough for anyone (unless GCHQ or the NSA are after you, in which case I can't really help ;))
  5. I guess that you mean make it more like the Windows Explorer left hand tab. If so I'm looking into solutions for this that would still be cross platform (Linux support is coming).
  6. See the link above, technically is isn't AES
  7. More customisation is coming, what are you interested in?

Glad you like the program, any more questions, just ask.

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