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Cain and Abel portable?

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Cain and Abel portable?

I'd like it if somebody could refer me to an installer or package for Cain and Abel which can be run from a USB flash disk... I've tried the portable Cain and Abel tutorials, but they don't work still. If anybody has had success with it, can you upload it somewhere and give me a download link?

Thanks in advance! Smile

Tim Clark
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Do you really need to crack

Do you really need to crack passwords often enough to have to carry it around with you?


Things have got to get better, they can't get worse, or can they?

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that is funny

also i think cain and abel has to install a driver so it may not work like properly

Please search before posting. ~Thanks

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Just answer

Okay, first of all, Cain and Abel is not only for password cracking. Second of all, none of those is a link or tutorial. Third, yes you do need a driver, WinPcap, but that's why I wanted to ask if anybody had a premade portable Cain and Abel.
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You could probably look at

You could probably look at WireShark Portable, as I understand both Cain and Able, and WireShark use WinPCap (which has a horrible, horrible license that prevents redistribution of the drivers). The launcher for Wireshark installs the driver on the host machine and then uninstalls it after use, thus making it semi-portable. This after some modification could be used for Cain and Able as well.

Good luck, good sir you'll need it.

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