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features in ubuntu under WINE

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features in ubuntu under WINE

I really like portable apps, but I primarily use Ubuntu 7.10 x386 at home.
When I run the menu it work fine, but once it disappears i cannot find it again. The only way to shut it down is through the System Monitor.

There is an icon for it in the status area, but it is a non-icon; a completely blank space where you can see through the menu bar to the desktop.

Does anyone know how to fix this? or where I can access it?

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Works for me

I have Ubuntu 7.10 and it works without a problem here. I have the icon, I can click on it (even right-click). One workaround would be to set the menu to "stay always visible" via the ini but I guess that's not an option.

I know that doesn't really help you but that all I can say. One question though: which wine version do you use? I have 0.9.46 and it works. Type "wine --version" in a konsole window to get the info.

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I seem to ask the obvious

I seem to ask the obvious question, so here goes:

Are you using the latest menu from ?

Even if that version doesn't work under Wine on your Ubuntu, at least we'll know we are talking about the same thing.


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