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Sync WinXP encrypted files

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Sync WinXP encrypted files

Trying to sync files from my harddrive to my USB-drive I get an error!
The file on the U-drive is encrypted by WinXP.
If I just copy the file using Windows XP I get a message box telling me that it will be decrypted after which it is successfully copied.

Here is the error message from Toucan:

11:35:40: Error: Failed to copy the file 'U:\temp\test\synctest encrypted by winXP.txt' to 'E:\Documents\synctest encrypted by winXP.txt' (error 6000: the specified file could not be encrypted.)
Copied \synctest encrypted by winXP.txt
11:35:40: Error: Failed to open 'E:\Documents\synctest encrypted by winXP.txt' for writing (error 2: the system cannot find the file specified.)
11:35:40: Error: Failed to modify file times for 'E:\Documents\synctest encrypted by winXP.txt' (error 0: the operation completed successfully.)

Is this a bug in Toucan?

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Is the destination FAT ?

It sounds to me like you're trying to copy an encrypted file from an NTFS file system onto an FAT one.

FAT doesn't support Windows file encryption, so it is simply not possible to do this.

When you try from explorer, it offers to decrypt the file for you, whereas Toucan, which would usually be running unattended, quite reasonably simply aborts, rather than silently decrypting your sensitive data.

Steve Lamerton
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Jimbo, that sounds pretty plausible to me, however it does look like there is another bug in there, Toucan is saying that the file is copied when it isn't this will be fixed in 1.2.2.

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