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OpenOfficePorable CD ini

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OpenOfficePorable CD ini

I am using OpenOfficePorable on a DVD with some documents. I have found and looked at the OpenOfficePortable.ini file that I downloaded from the Support page. I understand that the ini file is to be set to "RunDataLocally=true" so that OpenOfficePortable can run on a CD or DVD. Here's the problem, I need the "Open" button to go, by default to the "Documents" folder on the DVD. Here is what I have done to set up the DVD:
1. I built OpenOffice on a fresh flash drive with SmithTechPortable as the menu application.
2. I started and ran OpenOffice for the first time to set the initial configuations.
3. I added the OpenOfficePortable.ini file and started so that the INI could configure OpenOfficePortable for the CD/DVD.
4. Burned the files on a CD-R to test them.

This last step apparently sets all of the default paths to temporary locations on the local drive of the computer. This changes the location that opens when one presses the "Open" button in Office. Is there a way around this? I have read a little about the "nsi" files (just enough to know that the "RunDataLocally" line is connected to them somehow.) I really don't care if the other paths temperarily use the host computer. I just need "Open" to default to the Documents folder on the DVD.

Any ideas? Smile