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Question about Portable apps(Base edition)

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Question about Portable apps(Base edition)

I have another sandisk flash drive and it is a locker version 2.0, which i want it to pop up a screen like U3 does when you plug it in sort of like a view of portable app(base edition). My question is does portable app(base edition) on the flash drive pop up like that and show you a menu. Also i needed a program that would ask me when i plug in my flash drive for a password before i can use the flash drive. Thanks guys.


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U3 drives have a trick built in so the autostart works. They have 2 partitions, a normal one and one that gets recognised by the PC as a cd. That cd partition is the trick that lets u3 auto start without any prompts or anything.
The PortableApps Menu works on all usb drives and not only on the ones with 2 partitions so you always have to hit enter once to start it.

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You can modify

a U3 drive to launch PortableAppsMenu instead of the default launchpad - there are full instructions over at including the downloads that you'll need. Worked fine for me, but, like it says there, there is a theoretical risk that you'll damage the drive.

Of course, if your Sandisk isn't U3 (though most of them are these days) then that won't help you much

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Another trick a U3 flash

Another trick a U3 flash drive can do is make you enter a password before files become accessible.

Again, it is possible (and probably preferable) to use the U3 capabilities (if you have them) only to pop up the launchpad and/or password, but then start Portable Apps.

Remember, it is a security weakness to allow USB drives to auto-start a program. There were a bunch of people this past Christmas who got new photo-frames which autostarted a trojan. Those who took the extra two keystrokes to start the menu manually didn't have the problem.

There is a FAQ if you want to experiment.


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