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Full download option

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Full download option

I have often thought about downloading all the apps on the site, and putting them on disk in case they are needed anytime. I have older versions of some of the apps, and I am using them in this way, and they have often proved useful, especially if I need quick acess to a file and I am unable to download an alternative pogram.

A method of downloading (or perhaps torrenting) all the Portable apps at once would be most useful for this situation, and others similar to it. I am not fortunate enough to have the time to run every download seperately, and so this would be a feature that would be really useful.

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yes but...

Lots of people have asked that and John even did it once (the full suite) but a full package gets outdated very fast. This month alone we had more than 10 new releases and January was the same. Making and uploading a full package after every new release is something John doesn't have the time for. Maybe he will do a full package when the new Platform is finished, at least I think that's a moment when it would make sense.

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You can subscribe via RSS so

You can subscribe via RSS so you get notification of each new release within a few hours. That way you can download it to your local repository. Make a backup to DVD every once in a while and you'll be all set.

Admittedly it isn't a "download everything all at once", but it at least gets you updated stuff.

I wonder if there is a way to keep a torrent updating with new content...


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