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Thinstall alternative?

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Thinstall alternative?

I was searching portablefreeware, and it looks like a thinstall alternative. Pardon.(Smiley's linked). It appears there was a free version, but then they turned payware like XYplorer.:(

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Excuse me, are you searching

Excuse me, are you searching thinstall alternative, right? If yes, you can try boxedapp

Thank you.

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Re: Thinstall, Thinapp' boxedapp Alternative

I know that a lot of people have been wanting an alternative to Thinstall, Thinapp, xenocode, boxedapp, and I'm sure that there are others out there that I haven't named as yet. My point is that today after looking for some long period of time I've found a basic yet tiny little program called File Packer v1.2 that is listed in the licensing of the program as being FREEWARE. There are also details about the source code and altering the program for improvement.

If you want to look at the program you can find it on BrotherSoft

Here is the link to the download page.

I used the program file packer to pack a program called MP3 Doctor Lite on my own system just to see how it works and whether it was worth the effort. In my opinion it is worth the effort for anybody who just wants to box an app on there own system to make life easier. It doesn't go into massive detail in capturing registry settings or anything of that nature but then again IT'S FREE!

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try this alterative
this alternative will only run on windows xp but it is very useful

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Also take a look at this free

Also take a look at this free virtualization product called Cameyo.

To mods/admins - I've posted link to this products and its description a couple of hours ago here, but post got deleted. This is clearly not a spam, please don't remove it. Or is it related to posting in a thread that was started two years ago? But then, the post by jfmherokiller was allowed to stay...

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Cameyo is not the same you have to log in and u have to change the directory and i have found that most of the programs leech of of the host version of the program

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