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Auto Starting

Someone please help. I have been struggling with this. I have been trying to get RocketDock to autostart when I plug in my USB. I have followed all the ideas on this forum, but something isn't right.

I edited the autorun.inf to point to RocketDock instead of, but the choose action screen came up anyway.

I changed the choices to "Take no action" as someone suggested, but then the root of my usb opens up.

I downloaded PSU and changed the "open" element to psu.exe -all, but the choices menu opens again.

What do I need to do to stick my usb in and RocketDock pop up?

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the "chose action screen" always pops up.

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If you've tried all the

If you've tried all the tricks in the FAQ there's not much to say.

Those mostly talk about running StartPortableApps.exe, but you can put any executable there. It is best to have the executable be in the root directory, and make sure the path is relative rather than absolute.

Are you saying you can't get rocketdock or PSU to be the default action in the "choose action" menu? That shouldn't be hard, if your copy of autorun.inf has been edited to point to it. The trick is getting it to open without giving you a choice. Of course, that can be a security hazard.


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I have geek menu on the usb

I have geek menu on the usb now. When I stick it in, the choice action menu pops up and I have a choice to run geek menu.

According to another post here, I could use psu to auto run rocketdock by changing the autorun.inf to show psu.exe -all.

However when I do this psu does not automatically run and I don't have a "choice" on the action menu to run it.

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Alas... I know what's wrong.

The only way I know to do this is to hack a U3 drive to get the functionality you desire. U3 drives have a chip in them to simulate a cd drive to get the flash drive apps that they have to auto-start as a cd autorun does. Other than hacking a U3 drive, the "choice menu" is still your only choice. Sorry... I too wish my flash drives could auto-start apps without said accursed menu.

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