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Possible Portable App: XCHAT

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Possible Portable App: XCHAT

I think XCHAT would be a good application to make portable.

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I seems that you can only use the Windows version for a trial period before you have to register and pay $19.99. So this could not be made portable.

You may use X-Chat for Windows for free for 30 days. If, after this time, you would like to continue using the product, you are required to register. Registration is a one time fee of $19.99 US (United States Dollars) which can be paid using the PayPal service below.


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Free versions

The only reason they ask you to pay is because it's a hassle for them to compile it. The good news is that other people are compiling it for free (without 30 day trial period) - which is legal because of it being open source of course.

For example:

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I agree

I would really like this to be portablized, along with BitlBee which lets you connect to AIM/ICQ, YIM, MSN, and Jabber with virtually any irc client, specifically xchat.

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Shareware, but...

XChat for Windows is shareware... but... the code is licensed under the GPL and then the shareware module is compiled in but not released (and the author doesn't own the copyright on all the included code), which is a violation of the GPL. Some information is at Wikipedia. There are several alternate Windows builds available with the Daemon404 and the SilverX builds still being updated regularly.

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Portable X-Chat patch

Portable X-Chat

Applying one of these patches will change X-Chat’s default configuration
directory and downloads directory to ./config and ./downloads.
Perfect for running of of a USB flash drive.


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Big bubbles! No troubles!

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x-chat protable

Thanks for link !!

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