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I think winRAR would be a nice addition to 7zip, because 7zip can't decompress .r01 .r02 and so on files...

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not Open Source

Hi and welcome to PortableApps Smile
There is one problem: WinRAR isn't open source. And that's a requirement for an App to be hosted here. But there is WinRAR Unplugged you can download from the WinRAR website

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Strange ..

"..because 7zip can't decompress .r01 .r02 and so on files..."
Maybe my version of 7zip has a bug because I've never had a problem
extracting split RAR-archives ?

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Yeah, as long as you have

Yeah, as long as you have have the .rar file that goes with all the other pieces you're good (in my experience).

Maybe the original poster wants to be able to open individual split rar files (meaning open just the .r01 file for example).


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