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Gimp portable ?

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Gimp portable ?

(fr) framasoft article
Un Gimp portable:
[...] Plus besoin de télécharger et d’installer de multiple paquetages : une seule archive et votre éditeur graphique favori peut tourner sur un CD enregistrable ou une clé usb.

To sum up, that mean to use Gimp you just need to download only one file and can install it on portable device, usb for example.
But i'm not sure of this, someone can confirm ?
... after read some article it's seem to be only windows version -_-

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gimp is dependent from gtk,

gimp is dependent from gtk, so there's the main hardness in portabling it ....
I would vote for Paint.Net but this one requires .NET ... :/

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Ryan McCue
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John is working

on Portable GIMP.
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Portable Gimp already exists!

Portable Gimp already exists and can be downloaded at! I have run version 2.2.8 for a while, and I easily made it localized to Swedish by moving a folder from the non-portable version.

It also has a nice solution on moving the gtk to the USB, so that several programs can use it from there.

I'm pretty sure John is aware of this version, so there must be some reason why he continue working with it. My Italian isn't that good, so maybe there are some restrictions that I don't understand.

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There are a few versions

There are actually a few versions out there. I've found 5 myself, actually. But there have been some issues with a few... some have a few plugins failing... others seperate out the GTK directory the way I had with Portable Gaim 1.5 Beta 2 and have the issue where it will fail on computers that have an incomplete GTK uninstall on them... which turns out to be more than I had expected.

The main reason is so that it can work with the same directory layouts as the other apps here in the Portable Apps Suite. My version has actually been done for a while... but releasing it would mean a traffic spike the site can't handle until I move to a dedicated host.

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GIMP doesn't seem to

GIMP doesn't seem to understand a standard Windows System variable %TEMP% which points to a folder that will hold temporary data.

Usually this is C:\Windows\Temp or C:\Winnt\Temp or c:\Temp or c:\tmp depending on the version of Windows.

Gimp likes to have two temp folders set up and on installing it will ask for two folders to store temp data.

When I used the XGimp on a Windows XP PC it coughed at the use of %temp% and so I have to enter a manual value for these temp folders.

I just looked at the current value of the %TEMP% variable on that PC and entered the path and then restarted xgimp.

Annoying as it has to reload itself again....

Odd that the Gimp Windows programmers didn't think to allow the use of system variables entered by users. Would make it a little more portable.

Stuart Halliday

Stuart Halliday

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