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Pidgin: portable gaim crashes after splash screen

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Pidgin: portable gaim crashes after splash screen

I'm having a problem with portable gaim crashing on my home PC (running Win XP home edition). The splash screen is displayed, I get an hourglass and then nothing happens. I've tried downloading a fresh zip and installing it, and it doesn't seem to work. I had no problem with it until last night. I had regular gaim installed on the same machine as well, and now that won't start, either. I've tried removing GTK and completely reinstalling. Any ideas what's going on?

TheAngryPenguin (not verified)
Try removing the Gaim

Try removing the Gaim profile from the non-portable install -- it resides in %appdata%\.gaim

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That happened to me once

That happened on my laptop once after something went a bit wonky. It actually caused all GTK-based apps to crash. Basically, uninstall Gaim and GTK+. Then delete the C:\Program Files\Gaim and C:\Program Files\Common Files\GTK directories. Then reinstall it. That's what did it for me. (This won't affect anything in your profile, but you will have to reinstall plugins)

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