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Miranda IM Portable 0.7.3 Pre-Release 1 (Quick Test Needed For Thursday Release)

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John T. Haller
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Miranda IM Portable 0.7.3 Pre-Release 1 (Quick Test Needed For Thursday Release)

I've just posted a pre-release of the upcoming 0.7.3 release of Miranda IM Portable. I'm going the pre-release route as this new release will combine the ANSI and Unicode versions of Miranda IM into a single portable app. The launcher will automatically launch the unicode version on Windows 2000 and up and the ANSI version when running on Windows 95/98/Me.

For folks who'd like to save space and have no need of the Windows 9x-compatible ansi version, you can simply delete it. For folks who would like to always use the ANSI version no matter what computer they are using, they can simply delete the Unicode version. You'll wind up saving about 1.9MB of space. The launcher will handle either case automatically.

For plugins, you can choose to add both the unicode and ansi versions to their respective directories. Or you can just add it to unicode and keep the ansi one around just as a backup on the off chance you are stuck with a Windows 9x machine. It's up to you.

Additionally, the installer will automatically detect whether you have the ANSI or the Unicode version of Miranda IM Portable 0.6.7 or 0.6.8 installed and move files if necessary (renaming App\miranda to App\miranda_ansi before upgrading on the off chance you have any plugins you'd like saved). Unless of course you deleted the files in App\AppInfo in which case it will just do a standard upgrade (essentially assuming you have Unicode).

Download Miranda IM Portable 0.7.3 Pre-Release 1 [2MB download / 4MB installed]

Please give this a try and post any feedback.


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downloaded and tested

worked fine for me, i could not run a registry scan, but everything worked properly for me

thanks for another release

Please search before posting. ~Thanks

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Tested and tried. A quick

Tested and tried. A quick run didn't show any leftovers in the registry for my account. The handling of ANSI / Unicode works for me.


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Worked fine

Tested it against my horribly messy synced multi-profile, multi-plugin, multiple-some-protocols, manually updated to 0.73 already nightmare of an install, and it worked wonderfully.

I had to manually re-duplicate the protocol dlls for the multi accounts, but there's no way the installer could have done that bit for me Wink

Everything seems to be working brilliantly, much kudos.

Unicode only system, here.

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