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Cannot view saved passwords

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Cannot view saved passwords

This is a copy and paste from a thread a also started over at the mozillazine forums.


I use portable Thunderbird and have had no dramas up until now.
I have been using version for ages and decided that i had better upgrade after reading the secunia warning
So i grab the latest thunderbird portable and proceed to remove the original thunderbird folder from my usb drive and replace it with the latest version and copy my profile back to the usb drive.

All is well, i can receive emails from all 6 of my accounts no dramas, but i hit a snag when i try to send an email, it asks for the password for the outgoing mail server.
I cant remember the password so i figure "ok i have the password in password manager protected by my master password" so i go through the motions of putting in my master password etc only to find that when i click on the "View saved passwords" the window pops up for around 300ms and then disappears.
When it does pop up i can not see the centre of the window at all, only the outer window pane.
This happens with Thunderbird or whether it be on my usb drive or launched from the folder located on the desktop.

Any help on this matter would be much appreciated, feel free to link me to anything vaguely on topic that might help.

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If you know the passwords

I'd try deleting the files the passwords are in (/Data/profile/signons.txt and key3.db) and starting Thunderbird. This will delete all your saved passwords! If it works now, re-enter the passwords and you're good.

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