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Centralised Hosting

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Centralised Hosting

Thaks to Steve, we now have a place where everybody can upload his/her DevelopmentTestReleases. It is meant for everyone who doesnt have his/her own webspace and wants to share his Apps anyhow. Steve will keep an eye on it and remove old stuff so it doesnt get too crowded.
It even has RSS/email notification.
Just post all complaints/suggestinos here in this thread.

I think thats it for now.

Thanks Steve for doing this!

Kevin Porter
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Great idea, but I just spent the last few days trying to find out how Sourceforge works. Sad Ah, well. Wink

Also, another option is a Sourceforge project ( that I have made.

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Patrick Patience
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That's a good idea for people who are more experienced. I'll try to write up a tutorial on uploading.

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I also managed to get a

I also managed to get a project to support PortableApps.

It doesn't take very long to get a account. People can come on the IRC channel let us know your account, and work out who gets into which project on Or we can talk about combining. Smile


José Pedro Arvela
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Pin this!

Someone pin this under the portable apps development forum.

And John, refer to this under the development page please.

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Patrick Patience
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Best Idea?

I'm not sure that's the best idea. I haven't read their full terms of service, but it is a 'Simple Private Exchange', not really a 'mass download location'. I don't know if we should be recommending this site through stickying, kind of imposing upon there kind service.

From my statistics, all applications I host get somewhere around 100 downloads a month, more or less, so recommending this as a completely centralized hosting area may not be the very best idea.

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reduce pain-n-suffering

May I suggest dev tests get dropped in the site until they get "flushed out" a little bit (cleared of obvious errors we catch) and THEN get posted to somewhere on which would save the person from possibly going thru multiple PITA events with the interface for every little error and dev_test_1, dev_tet_2, etc

That's like...a really long sentence n' stuff. Wink

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