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WireShark Portable

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Travis Carrico
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WireShark Portable

I was just wondering, since there was a WireShark Portable in PAF on the wireshark website that John helped them with I think, why is it not on

Patrick Patience
Last seen: 10 months 4 days ago
Joined: 2007-02-20 19:26
Probably Coming

I'm not John of course, but he's probably still working on it a bit, or is just a bit behind from all the work he's done.

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Joined: 2008-03-21 22:06
administration rights and portability

....Could it be that it is not included here as although it is portable, it needs administration rights to run it's portable but not always 'runnable'? Much in the same way that TrueCrypt is portable but can only be used with administration rights, portable but not always 'runnable'.

Last seen: 21 hours 49 min ago
Joined: 2007-10-11 17:48
it uses some external software

when I start the wireshark, it will teporary install additional commercial drivers, only after that it is apparently able to work. Admin rights are clearly needed for this app.

Otto Sykora
Basel, Switzerland

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