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1.5 needs 2-3 Minutes to start! Help!

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1.5 needs 2-3 Minutes to start! Help!

I tried 1.5 Portable (and these days, but they start incredibly slow (If i run PFF on my local HDD It comes up within 1-2 seconds).
There is no difference if I try a "clean" version directly from the zip archive or a configured version. Why is that? 1.0.7 Portable and earlier versions need only 5-10 seconds to start! I have a USB 2.0 stick running on a USB 1.1 port.

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USB 1.1 is S...L...O...W...

For running apps, USB 1.1 is just exceedingly slow. And as apps get more complex (FF 1.5 is more complex than FF 1.0) they'll be slower from the drive. Also, UPX compression was dumped between PFF 1.0.7 and PFF 1.5, meaning the app is twice as large. This was required to allow the FF auto-update process to work and to stay inline with Mozilla's trademark distribution policy.

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Franconian (not verified)
OK I see. After the first

OK I see. After the first start it needs 33 seconds, a UPX version needs about 20. I'll use the compressed version now.

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