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FBreader 0.8.15 test (PAC)

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FBreader 0.8.15 test (PAC)

Base App: FBreader

Category: Office?

About: FBReader is an e-book reader for various platforms. It reads a variety of (non-DRM) formats.

Link: Download Date: 2008-03-01 MD5: 6e1629462d9bb676d695c804c73aa58f

License: GPL

Note: This is basically the version posted by PhreakOnALeash back in November, with the latest FBreader update. I'm posting it again because his link isn't working. It isn't quite up to the latest PAF standards, so it's not really a release candidate or anything. I'm willing to work on it, if PhreakOnALeash is unavailable.

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Update to last version?


Could someone update to the last FBReader update, please?

Thanks in advance.

José Pinto

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Any action on this?

We have a portable ePub eBook creator (eCub) but not a reader yet. I read a lot of eBooks and would be happy to test on my various systems.
I'm so desperate for a portable eBook reader that I'm converting many to rtf and pdf which is less than ideal.

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