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Any chance I can make it even smaller?

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Any chance I can make it even smaller?

And yes, I *am* talking about Firefox. Wink

Didn't see this discussed anywhere here, if so, please point me there....

I'm trying to fit Portable Firefox onto a 16MB SD card. Formated this is about 14MB. I've tried formatting it as a compressed NTFS and of course FAT and I can't get it to fit. I think it is close, but this ain't horseshoes.

Question: Is there anything I can take out of the directory structure that will squeek it into 14MB? Of course it is going to grow a little bit with cookies and history and other stuff, but I'm hoping if I can nuke enough extra stuff I can fit the important stuff on here and have it work.


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UPX Compression

You can compress the DLLs and EXEs with UPX as I used to do with Portable Firefox. We don't do that anymore due to the fact that (1) it breaks partial auto-update and (2) distributing it is a violation of the Mozilla Distribution Trademark Policy.

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That did it! The problems

That did it! The problems you noted not withstanding, it works fine for what I needed.


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