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Using -no-remote and the nested firefox.exe

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Using -no-remote and the nested firefox.exe

Sometimes you want to launch you firefox on a mates computer and he already has it running. Now you might not want to use his if you have certain passwords or extensions saved that will be handy for this session. You also don't want to close down his many tabs. My solution would of been to use the -no-remote flag except the FirefoxPortable binary does not honour it. Instead I use the flag with the nested firefox binary.

This runs fine, but I was wondering how the FirefoxPortable binary differs from the nested copy. I thought it would just open the nested binary with a few flags and OS checks but it seems a little large for that. My other concern is that it may cause persistent data to be stored on the host computer.

Any info would be great,


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bump. I want to be able to


I want to be able to run 3.0b5 at the same time as -- the -no-remote option works for installed firefox but not for portable apps.


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Are you using the ini in

Are you using the ini in FirefoxPortable/Other/source/ to pass the parameter?
If not, copy out the ini to the FireFoxPortable directory (along side the FireFoxPortable.exe) and open up the ini. Add your paramater the (what I believe is the) additional parameters line. Then try.

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Read Help

If you read help, there's a link for advanced options. There's an INI setting for MultipleInstances. It should not be used on any PC but your own as it will leave files behind if Firefox needs to restart (update, extension/theme install, etc).

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