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[Notepad++] Slooow starting

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[Notepad++] Slooow starting


I just tried the Notepad++ PortableApps-pack, after using the portable version directly from Notepad++ website for a long time.
And I got shocked: It now takes just about 4-5 seconds longer to start the app!


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I guess

that's about the time the version needs to move the settings to the right location. Our Apps here store all their settings in the /Data folder so they are easy to back up. The Version from their site just leaves them in the application folder and I guess that makes the difference.

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Path Updates

Also the launcher here updates the paths within session.xml, config.xml, Explorer.ini and LightExplorer.ini so that everything you were working on, everything you configured, your most recently used files list and the directory tree you had open all work as you move PCs and change drive letters. This will take a couple seconds on a slower drive. The standard Notepad++ zip won't do any of this so when you move to a PC with a new drive letter, your most recently used files won't work, your session won't load the files you last had open and explorer/light explorer won't remember the directory you had open.

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Thanks for the explanation. That probably make sense for most of the users.

I think, I stay with the original portable version from the notepad++ site, because i don't use the features you mentioned. I use notepad++ for fast opening and fast editing files, so I have to start it very often but only for a few seconds or minutes. That's why the slowing down hurts me more, than these gained features would help me.

Thanks anyway! Smile

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