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Setting up PortableApps

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Setting up PortableApps

Hi I was wandering if you could give me a hand. I installed DiskHero on PortibleApps but its made lots of icons in the launch menu is there away to reduce this to just one. I would also like to install ThreatFire on PortibleApps as its one of the best heuristics based antivirus programs available. But I can’t get it to work with is it possible. Finally I would like to have these two programs auto start with PortibleApps is this possible?

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Lets start with the bad news:
Autostart isn't possible at the moment. But we all hope it will be in the next version of the Menu/Platform.
If the exes aren't needed, simply delete them and they will disappear from the menu. If they are needed, it gets complicated as the menu picks up every exe in a folder inside the PortableApps folder. Some people had some ways to hide the exes but I don't know any so you'll just have to search the forums using the search box in the top right corner.

And welcome here Smile

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