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Pidgin and Pidgin Portable problem

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Pidgin and Pidgin Portable problem

I have updated to Pidgin Portable 2.40 and have been having a very weird problem...

1st of all, it basically seems like whatever settings were active on the individual servers is how things appear under Pidgin.

I tried to use the feature of combining my friends' multiple account listings into "single friend" status using the expand feature. I also tried putting users into personalized sections (Rocky Horror being one of them)... Then the third issue, I had enabled a smiley pack called Pidgin-original (which had the smileys from myspace as well as MOST of the other IMs)...

After I shut down Pidgin (portable or not) and restart it, all the settings that I have altered in the previous instance are gone (I have denied the same user access to my ICQ friends list about 35 times in the past week or two). In addition, the Pidgin-original smiley pack cannot be activated/reactivated/reinstalled.

Any advice?

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I had the same issue with

I had the same issue with pidgin not remeber I denied someone. Upgrading fixed that problem, but it seems you don't have a choice to updgrade.

If this problem occurs with both the portable AND installed versions of Pidgin, tt seems like you have uncovered a bug with pidgin. I suggest reporting it to them in there forums.

and, grey88, welcome to PortableApps Smile

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Last seen: 11 months 4 weeks ago
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I think I fixed part of it

Well, I went onto Yahoo messenger, and changed that program's settings to put everyone in "Friends" and apparently that will let me put them into other groups under Pidgin.

I will continue to work on the smiley issue...

I used the original smiley pack from

(SMILEY ISSUE SOLVED!!) Smile I tried to edit the "theme" file to change the myspace references to match the folder name "myspaceim"... when I saved it in notepad (windows version) I couldn't see it in preferences... Second attempt, I renamed the folder to "myspace" and all is working...


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