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How do you synchronize TB between 2 PCs and an USB Stick?

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How do you synchronize TB between 2 PCs and an USB Stick?

How do you synchronize TB between 2 PCs and an USB Stick?

I have a PC, a notebook and an USB Stick.
On each pc I have installed TB Portable.
How can I synchronize the 3 different versions of TB

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Why three versions?

Kinda defeats the purpose of having a portable version doesn't it?

Also, TBP is only meant to be run from a removable storage device. Using it from a PC directly may give you issues down the line, and is not supported here.

The only other way I can think of synchronizing three destinations is using IMAP from your ISP or email provider.

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I actually have a version of

I actually have a version of installed on my HDD. Just because it's faster than the flash drive. Very useful. (Why have an app installed when you as easily can have the portable version 'installed' Smile

Syncing data between several Portable Apps installation might be an interesting topic to look into.

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I also have three PCs, two laptops, and now four thumbdrives and a portable Hard Disk, my suggestion is to keep PTB in ONE thumbdrive and use it in any PC that you want but, if you still want to have PTB in all your PC/Laptops the best way to keep them all working together is to use any sync program to sync \portableapps\Thunderbird Portable\Data folder or manually copy-replace that folder and its content on each PTB each time you're going to use it.

Any way, keep them all with the same version...

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If they are POP3 accounts...

Just execute the 3 TB programs and have them download the messages from the server (make sure you tell all of the TB programs to leave messages on the server), that way all of the drives will have the same incoming mail. Once you have all three programs updated with the mail, you can wipe out the messages at the source, which I rarely do but once a year since most ISP's give you tons of email storage now.

The nice thing about doing it this way, when I execute TB off of my E: Hard Drive, sometimes I catch emails I haven't done anything with or forgot about, so it's great for reminding you of them when they come in as new. If have loads of email and don't want to go through them, just select "Unread" under the "View" menu and then highlight all and "mark as read".

If you need sent mail as well the same on all three as well, look on the "Copies and Folders" section of your account(s) for "when sending messages" check the "BCC these email messages" and enter your email address; then set up a filter that will place any email from yourself into your sent folder. You will have some duplicates, but at least you will have them unless you uncheck the "place copy in Sent folder" on all three as well.

Hope that Helps

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I go imap ...

so that the message stay on the server. If that works for you and you have the space for it, great!
If you run out of server space, you can download them to a backup on your backup site. Which I do, I only keep the last year's set of emails on my usb.
But I also archive every email I get, so I have about 7 gigs of emails from starting about 89 or so.

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Is data really what you want to sync?

won't the .ini files in the data folders mess things up? The one I would have on my flash drive would have some drive letter (say G) while the .ini on my hard drive would point to D. I assume that would confuse things. I've posted a question just recently on which files NOT to sync just to avoid this confusion but haven't gotten any answers as of yet.

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