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Tomcat Launcher

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Tomcat Launcher


I've been browsing the forums for a while, searching on how to launch tomcat, I don't know if I just missed some juicy part but through my frustration I created a bunch of file on how to successfully launch tomcat.

Here are the steps.

Install Tomcat:

1. Download and Install JDK on your pc.
2. Copy the installed JDK on the root of the Portable Drive ( in my case I copied it inside a java directory and I used JDK 1.6 so my JAVA_HOME path is
[PortableDrive]:\\java\jdk1.6.0_03 ),

3. Install XAMPP (I used the windows installer .exe)
4. Install the Tomcat Addons of XAMPPP

Install Tomcat Launcher.

1. Download at
2. unzip the files and copy TomcatLauncher directory in your portableApps directory
3. Restart your portableapps if it is running and double click the launcher
4. If it doesn't work, modify the BootStrap.bat by changing the JAVA_HOME path of the JDK to the right version of JDK installed on your portable drive and make sure that the tomcat directory exist inside XAMPP directory.
Note: XAMPP directory should be located on the root of your portable drive.

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Still can't get Tomcat to start

I've followed your steps (and copying the JDK took a while) and I still get an error when I try to start TomCat.

You say you used the Windows Installer (.exe) for XAMPP? Not the executable archive, but the windows installer exe? Doesn't that create a bunch of Registry Entries? (I'm OK with that as long as they aren't needed when I take my USB drive to the next computer). Also I'm assuming you _installed_ XAMPP to the root of the Portable Drive), right? (you have a note at the end, but I want to double check)

Did you do anything else along the way that might cause it to work for you and not others (me). Does it work on other computers or only the one that you installed from (not terribly portable that way Wink

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XAMPP Add-On confusion

1) The MD5 hashes are different from the website. I took a chance by running the self-extracting 7-ZIP archives anyway. They don't work for me, and give me an error message.

(The Tomcat ZIP archive MD5 hash matches, but I have not tried to install it yet because of the issues in this thread.)

2) I installed the Perl Add-On using the ZIP archive. (The MD5 hash does not match, but it looks like a mistake on the download page, as the hash for the ZIP archive and the self-extracting 7-ZIP archive are shown as being the same, neither of which matches either archive.) I ran setup_xampp.bat, and that seemed to work. Now, when I use xampp-control.exe (the GUI), it gives me the error:

Current Directory: G:\xampp
Install Directory:
***WARNING: Directory mismatch ***
Status Check OK

3) Are you sure the JDK should be/must be/can be on the USB stick? If that is necessary, I will probably not play with Tomcat. The readme file insists that J2EE must be installed, but I took that to mean installed on the system. Does it even work from a USB stick?

4) Did you make sure to run xampp.bat first?

This is probably something for the xampp English forums. In the meantime, I will play with something else until these issues have been resolved.

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