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Keep Loosing all Profile Settings

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Keep Loosing all Profile Settings

Good morning or evening to some of you.

I been using Firefox portable on my usb key Corsair or OCZ.

Lately I have notice that their a huge problem that I am getting with Firefox profile.

Everytime I would load Firefox from my usb key, it would load like I just install from fresh. I would see the license agreement and Firefox would load up and everything I have is GONE!

ADDONS, Bookmarks and settings all are gone! I check in the \FirefoxPortable\Data\profile and it has no past history of any sign of my own profile.

So I decide to reformat my usb. Download the latest version of Firefox, hoping that may have resolved that issue. I been experiencing this since over a month now by the way with previous version of Firefox Portable.

After the format ...and installation of the latest on my USB key with nothing else install on it...I started again to install my favorite addons which are:

1. Adblock Plus
2. ColorFulTab
3. Dictionary's Myspell French
4. Download Statusbar
5. Gmail Manager
6. Google Toolbar for Firefox
7. PDF Download
8. Translator

That all I have.

Then I re add my bookmark which thanks god I had a backup...and power back up my Firefox and everything was ok...till couple hours ago...I shut off my Firefox...unplug my usb key by using a application call USB Safely Remove Version
Success no problem to remove my key. Come back later plug back in my key...load Firefox ...AGAIN see it has a new installation and lost all my settings and so on.

I did a full back up of my profile and load it back up and no problem..I decided to remove the usb safely remove application...thinking it may be the problem...and remove my usb key by using the default windows xp application...and replug back in and again did the same thing.

Anyone else experiencing this issue??????

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Are you double-clicking Firefox Portable or \Firefox Portable\App\Firefox\firefox.exe?

Do ou keep installed firefox running when launching the portable one?

Have you checked that another instance of Firefox is not running on memory (ctrl+alt+del and check that there is no firefox.exe there before launching the portable one)?

Which version of Firefox Portable are you using?

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loosing Settings

Yes I also am loosing settings,all development of firefox,Its like starting over,each time you plug in the usb protable firefox. Which takes time,if one is not expecting such an event. This is the most current fire fox,could it be 13 hum. Something is missing.Or not added.

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No double clicking firefox

No double clicking firefox Portable or even going straight under firefox.exe. I even check my taskmanager to see if I was running 2 firefox.exe and NO.

Keep installing firefox running when lauching the portable one?????? I dont understand that question.

no other firefox again has I mention from task manager. And there is no other firefox install on the workstation at work I am at.

I am using the latest firefox 13 right now. I was using 12 and its been carrying on over to 13 also.

So I deleted everything and only have save my bookmarks...wipe my usb and formatted.

Install 13 ...and again still having issues of having the profile reset to default and everything seem of not existing at all for the configurations I have done. Bookmark does not even exist.

Just plain to weird man..specially on 2 different USB brand.

ps: buddy tried on his 2 gig usb and he has been having the same issues...


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Did you try to use the same

Did you try to use the same FFP on other computer?

This way you could tell if the issue is on the computer or on the FFP itself.

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Tim Costello
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i have same problem , i have

i have same problem , i have tried setting up an auto daily backup of the pref.js file , but once the profile is bugged out and i do a restore from backups of the prefs file , still no joy

im gonna keep searching forums but if anyone knows a solution pls do tell.

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I have been having the same

I have been having the same problem with both the release firefox and beta firefox. My drive is an OCZ rally 2.

My friend doesn't have the problem. I believe his drive is a Sandisk.

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